The Voice of Nurses

We are the only nursing organization that provides full-time lobbying activities on behalf of the nursing profession. In addition to the Ohio Statehouse, we also advocate for nurses directly at the workplace through our collective bargaining efforts. Learn More Here


ONAConnect is a online community exclusively for ONA members. Use it to network with nurses in your practice area throughout the state the state, access your member benefits and get information exclusive to ONA members. You can log on here.

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Experts in Nursing Practice

ONA sets the standard for nursing practice in Ohio. We stay on top of pressing issues such as safe staffing, workplace violence, patient safety, social media, law and rules and more. Click on Resources above to see everything we’re watching for you.

ONA News

Ask Nurse Jesse: Hospital Licensure November 11, 2021

Anonymous Nurse: Nurse Jesse, I heard that Ohio hospitals will now be licensed. What does this mean?   Nurse Jesse: HB110, the newly passed Ohio budget bill, contains a new section that will require hospitals to be licensed. This is a big win for Ohioans, as prior to this bill, Ohio was the only state to not… Read more

Ask Nurse Jesse: APRN Scope of Practice November 11, 2021

Anonymous Nurse: How do I know if a certain procedure is within my scope as a Certified Nurse Practitioner? Nurse Jesse: Here is an excerpt from an OBN FAQ document (links below) that may help you: Q: How can an APRN determine whether they may include a specific procedure, task or… Read more

Ask Nurse Jesse: Preceptor Requirements November 11, 2021

Anonymous Nurse: What are the requirements for a staff nurse to be a preceptor? Nurse Jesse: The rules regarding faculty and preceptor requirements can be found here: Specifically: (5) For a preceptor as defined in paragraph (CC) of rule 4723-5-01 of the Administrative Code: (a) Completion of an approved… Read more

Ask Nurse Jesse: RN Refresher Courses November 11, 2021

Anonymous Nurse: Are there any clinical refresher course for RNs who want to get back to bedside practice? Nurse Jesse: Here is a list of RN refresher courses that the Ohio Board of Nursing put together: I would also recommend checking out individual continuing education activities that address your… Read more