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ONA News

Knowledge is Power: Educating the Public in a Pandemic August 7, 2020

By: Jessica Dzubak, MSN, RN 18 years: that is how long nurses have been the most trusted profession. While we are immensely proud to hold this title, especially during this very challenging Year of the Nurse, we must recognize the responsibility that comes with this honor. In a society with… Read more

Ask Nurse Jesse: Skilled Nursing Patient Ratio August 5, 2020

Anonymous Nurse: What is the nurse to patient ratio in Ohio for a skilled unit at a nursing home? Nurse Jesse: Per OAC 3701-17-08: (C) Each nursing home shall have sufficient direct care staff on each shift to meet the needs of the residents in an appropriate and timely manner… Read more

Ask Nurse Jesse: Blood Administration Protocol August 5, 2020

Anonymous Nurse: Is a second person required to verify blood prior to administration if the unit of blood is verified by scanning through the hospital electronic medical record? Nurse Jesse: While obtaining a 2nd witness verification for blood administration is not required per Ohio statute or rule, it is best… Read more

Ask Nurse Jesse: Documenting in Third Person August 5, 2020

Anonymous Nurse: Is there a legal reason nurses document in third person? Nurse Jesse: Documenting in third-person is a standard recommendation, but to my knowledge it is not in statute or rule in the state of Ohio. Charting in third-person is considered more formal and professional, and in the case… Read more