You care for everyone else. We care for you.

ONA is a powerful network of nurses who know first-hand the important role nurses play in healthcare, and the struggles nurses face on a daily basis from inadequate staffing, unsupportive management and a lack of appreciation for our work.

Nurses formed ONA in 1904 so they may have a powerful platform for the protection, promotion and advancement of our profession, beginning with Ohio’s Nurse Practice Act.

Today ONA still serves as the only voice for all of Ohio’s 180,000 RNs. ONA’s nurses have molded the nursing and healthcare landscape in Ohio since the beginning of the 20th century.


Practice, Policy Leaders and Changemakers

ONA is unique in that our members effectively create change at the Ohio Statehouse and the Ohio Board of Nursing through our historically successful advocacy program, and directly at the workplace through the our respected nursing union arm.

Both programs directly shape the laws, policies and procedures that affect Ohio’s RNs on a daily basis – from staffing and workplace violence laws, to work environment and salary language in collective bargaining contracts.

 Nurse Empowerment

We firmly believe Ohio’s nurses should be empowered nurses. Too often do nurses feel disrespected, unappreciated and undervalued.

ONA’s network of nurses lift each other up, and provide a multitude of paths for nurses to feel fulfilled both professionally and personally, from legislative advocacy training, to workplace rights education, to community service opportunities, and more.

We also have our own social media network called ONAConnect. ONAConnect is specifically for our network of nurses to connect and share information, experiences and advice.

Stress-free, Quality Continuing Education

Nurses often balance a stressful job and a hectic personal life. ONA gives nurses one less thing to worry about by offering enough free, quality continuing education to satisfy license requirements.

Additional continuing education, including in-person events and conferences and online studies and videos, are often discounted for ONA members.

Career Help

Certification is becoming a must-have in certain areas of nursing. ONA’s network of nurses receive a $100 discount on all ANCC accreditations.

If a career move is needed, ONA nurses turn to the ONA Career Center – an RN-only job board that is connects to a nationwide healthcare network. The Career Center also offers resume and interview tips, and even career coaching.

For those newer to the profession, ONA’s network of nurses serve as exceptional mentors. Each practice area is represented throughout our network, and ONAConnect makes it easy to connect with the perfect one.

Vision & Mission: The Guide for Our Work


The Ohio Nurses Association is the recognized leader and advocate for professional nurses and nursing in Ohio.


To advance professional nursing in Ohio. This will be accomplished through:

Evolving Evidence-Based Practice
Influencing Legislators
Promoting Education
Improving Economic and General Welfare
Advocating for Quality Health Care in a Cost Effective and Economically Stimulating Manner

Core Values

Social Responsibility     

ONA functions ethically and contributes to the welfare of the community.

  • Diversity: ONA recognizes the distinct qualities of the community.
  • Service: ONA maintains an active role in the community.
  • Advocacy: ONA pleads the relevant causes of the community.


ONA works jointly with others.

  • Teamwork: ONA works as a unit in close association with others.
  • Inter-professional/Intra-professional: ONA values the collective intelligence of groups, whether it is within the nursing profession or outside of the nursing profession.


ONA practices with integrity in all of its professional relationships.

  • Accountability: ONA takes ownership for its judgment and action.
  • Stewardship: ONA is actively engaged in the direction of the profession.
  • Honesty: ONA is free of deception.


ONA embodies the conduct, aims, and qualities of the profession.

  • Life-long learning: ONA is responsible for advancing the profession through knowledge development, dissemination, and application to practice.
  • Reasoned discourse: ONA expresses itself with conversation based in logic.
  • Diversity: ONA recognizes the distinct qualities of the individual.
  • Advocacy: ONA operates on the belief that the nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group, or community.