Member made, member led.

The Ohio Nurses Association is truly a member-driven association.  Led by the Board of Directors and supported by several councils and committees, ONA relies on our membership to light the way.  All councils and committees are staffed by ONA but piloted by ONA nurses.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Ohio Nurses Association consists of 15 members: the officers of the association and 10 directors that are members of ONA, at least 5 of which meet the criteria for appointment to the Economic and General Welfare Commission.

Executive Board

President – Robert Weitzel, BSN, RN, Term: 2021-23 (2 yrs.)
1st Vice President – Rick Lucas, BSN, RN, OCN, VA-BC, CCRN, Term: 2021-23 (2 yrs.)
2nd Vice President – Jacinta Tucker, MSN, RN, Term: 2021-23 (2 yrs.)
Secretary – Michelle Thoman, MSN, RN, Term: 2021-23 (2 yrs.)
Treasurer –  Janet Corbin, RN, Term: 2021-23 (2 yrs.)

Catharyne Henderson, RN, Term: 2021-25 (4 yrs.)
Jennifer Hunt, RN, Term: 2019-23 (4 yrs.)
Deborah Baker-Loyd, RN, Term: 2021-25 (4 yrs.)
Barbara McGhee, RN, Term: 2019-23 (4 yrs.)
Amy Pompeii, RN, Term: 2019-23 (4 yrs.)

Jessie Frymyer, RN, Term: 2021-25 (4 yrs.)
Benitha Garrett, MSN, RN, Term: 2015-23 (8 yrs.)
Gerri Sloan, RN, Term: 2019-23 (4 yrs.)
Alex Watts, BSN, RN, PCCN, Term: 2021-25 (4 yrs.)

New Nurse
Taylor Mullin, MSN, RN, CNOR, Term: 2021-25 (4 yrs.)

Primary Staff
Kelly Nedrow, Interim CEO


Economic and General Welfare Commission

The Commission oversees the Economic and General Welfare Program of ONA.  The commissioners must be collective bargaining members and are responsible for the following, among other duties:

  • Developing economic and employment standards and policies.
  • Establishing procedures for economic and welfare complaints.
  • Providing information and counseling regarding employment conditions.
  • Evaluating and revising the Economic and General Welfare Program and policies.

The official description of the Commission and its duties are found in the ONA bylaws.

Catharyne Henderson, RN
Deborah Baker-Loyd, RN
Barbara McGhee, RN, Co-Chair
Amy Pompeii, RN
Jennifer Hunt, RN
Kate Lewis, RN
Michelle Croker, RN
Lukas Killian, RN


Committees, Councils & More

Are you a member interested in getting involved? Read on to learn more about ONA’s volunteer-driven committees and councils.

To volunteer, visit the Volunteer Match module within ONAConnect.


Health Policy Council

Members of the Health Policy Council serve two years and are deeply involved in both our legislative and political activities. Specifically, the Council does the following, among other duties:

  • Evaluate proposed federal, state and local legislation for its implication for nurses, nursing and health care and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Advise the Board of Directors, structural units and districts on legislative and political issues.
  • Promote appointment of qualified nurses to key leadership positions in government, industry, state and health related foundations and consumer organizations.
  • Implement the political endorsement process.

HPC Members
Alyssa Figueroa – Chair
Catharyne Henderson – Co-Chair
Sara Arter
January Belcher
Kelly Duffey Evans
Tina Foster
Kelly Hickman Begley
Taylor Kanka
Lukas Killian
Rick Lucas
Kam McCormick
Barbara McGhee
Angela Rentel
Michelle Thoman
Jacinta Tucker
Alex Watts

CE Council

The CEC consists of member who meet the most current accreditation and approval criteria and rules for peer reviewers.  The CEC shall, among other duties,:

  • Study and evaluate matters relating to continuing education and recommend appropriate action.
  • Oversee the approval process for individual continuing education activities and providers of continuing education.
  • Identify the need for state legislation in the field of continuing education.

The official description of the CEC and its duties are found in the ONA bylaws.

Members of the CEC
Tahnee Andrew
Lucinda Cave
Stephanie Clubbs
Susan Copeland
Jacqueline Gierlach
Amy Knupp
Melanie Morris
Kayla Pfeiffer
Laura Rafeld
Gail Rhodes
Deb Shields
Sue Smith

Council on Practice

The Council on Practice consists of members with a mixture of clinical backgrounds.  The COP is tasked with, among other duties,:

  • Interpreting professional standards of practice within the state and devising means for putting these into effect.
  • Assisting nurses in implementing the ANA Code of Ethics.
  • Working with groups on issues related to nursing practice.
  • Receiving and taking action upon complaints and problems of nursing practice.

The official description of the Council on Practice and its duties are found in the ONA bylaws.

Members of the Council on Practice
Nicole Baltich
Catharyne Henderson
Anita Kendrick
Taylor Mullin
Kayla Pfeiffer

Publications Committee

Elizabeth Digianantoni
Sheri Gregg
Lataya De Jesus
Taylor Mullin
Tracy Zeller