Workplace Violence is Not Part of the Job.

1 in 4 nurses are assaulted at work.  Nurses are abused more than police officers and prison guards. Nurses are 4x more likely to experience violence than other professions.

Disturbing and alarming incidents have put a spotlight on a dangerous truth: physical and verbal abuse against nurses is a serious problem in healthcare settings across the country.

We can and must protect nurses. Just like patient safety, nurse safety is a critical component to ensure quality and safe care.


Federal legislation, H.R. 1309, was introduced in early 2019 to help address the epidemic of workplace violence. Write to your legislator and tell them to support nurses and patients by supporting H.R. 1309.

Take Action


ONA members have taken the lead to address workplace violence. 

In 2012, ONA members helped pass Ohio’s current and only workplace violence for healthcare professionals. Violence against nurses is a punishable offense where offenders can be charged with a 5th degree felony and fined up to $5,000. Acute care facilities are also encouraged to post signage indicating their no tolerance approach to workplace violence.

Now, ONA nurses are taking charge again. Members who are labor, nursing practice and health policy experts have formed the Workplace Violence Task Force, a group tasked with setting in motion the next action items ONA and its members will be taking.