St. Vincent Medical Center Closures

The following statement is attributable to Amy Pompeii, Chair of ONA’s Economic and General Welfare Commission:

“We’re saddened to learn of the downsizing of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. Come November 15th, Cleveland will lose valuable healthcare services as the Medical Center closes inpatient, surgical and emergency units and limits their urgency and primary care services.

A true charity medical center, St. Vincent sets itself apart from many healthcare organizations in Ohio that focus on a for-profit business model. St. Vincent provides invaluable, and at times, cost-free healthcare to some of Cleveland’s most vulnerable patients who would otherwise go without.  Furthermore, St. Vincent’s psychiatric emergency department is 1 of only 5 in the nation – a rare healthcare service that already should be more prevalent throughout the United States.

The downsizing of this medical center is yet another casualty of America’s healthcare system, where many smaller or independent systems are unable to sustain financially when up against larger conglomerates, ultimately creating less choice and healthcare access for patients.

The Ohio Nurses Association has enjoyed an amicable relationship with St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, most recently teaming up with the hospital on a pilot project to address workplace violence. We look forward to that relationship continuing as the parties discuss which services can be retained and how best to help displaced nurses.”