Collective Bargaining Nurses are Empowered Professionals

The Ohio Nurses Collective Bargaining Program, or ONA’s union arm, represents and advocates for nurses at their workplace.  Ohio nurses were given the right to unionize   in the 1960’s, and ONA has been representing nurses directly at the workplace ever since.  A union  gives nurses a strong voice to:

  • Negotiate fair wages and benefits;
  • Advocate for safe working environments;
  • Stand up for safe patient care; and
  • Shape working conditions, among other factors.

Our union nurses are empowered nurses who have the support of their fellow nurses, ONA, AFT’s 1.6 million members and the community to stand for what’s right.  By working together, we are able to improve our workplaces, making Ohio’s healthcare facilities better, stronger and safer.

It’s no secret that many of our collective bargaining agreements set the standard for workplace conditions, benefits and education at facilities across Ohio.  Collective bargaining allows nurses to join together and speak with a unified, powerful voice.  There is power in numbers; the Ohio Nurses Collective Bargaining (CB) is proof that when we come together, we can make an impact.

How does CB work?

The ONA CB is at 24 facilities across Ohio.  This means the nurses at 24 workplaces across Ohio are members of ONA through the union at their facility. We refer to these groups of unionized nurses as our local units.

Members of the ONA CB enjoy all of the same benefits of belonging to ONA, their professional association, with the addition of having an advantage at their workplace.  CB nurses have the power to negotiate, bargain and produce changes that will improve their working conditions, benefits and education. The ONA CB gives nurses the opportunity to have their voices heard and to produce meaningful changes at their workplace.

AFT is ONA’s national collective bargaining affiliate.  ONA is also a member of the Ohio AFL-CIO.



Interested in having a stronger voice at your workplace?

A nurse with a union has an advantage. You have the power to improve working conditions, patient care, and workplace safety.  You have the power to negotiate and accomplish goals.  You have the power to raise the levels of fairness and justice where you work.

If you’re interested in forming a union at your workplace, begin by contacting Sangita Koparde ( or by filling out the confidential form below. We will answer your questions and lead you through the organizing process.

Organizing Inquiry

All ONA local unit members are also members of ONA, a local district, the American Nurses Association and the AFT Nurses and Health Professionals Division.