Ohio Nurses Applaud Proactive Measures Taken by State While Also Urging Employers to Utilize Experienced Nurses

website maker The governor signed a bill allowing temporary licensure of recent nursing graduates.


March 27, 2020

Molly Homan, Director of Communications
Ohio Nurses Association
614-746-9914 | [email protected]

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Nurses Association cites the granting of temporary licensure of new nursing graduates as a necessary proactive measure for when Ohio’s healthcare system becomes overburdened, though it is of utmost importance to re-deploy experienced nurses into the system first.

“It is highly probable our healthcare system will become overwhelmed. Current bed capacity, infrastructure and staffing will not be sufficient, especially when the pandemic reaches its peak. We applaud the state’s forward thinking approach and taking measures such as allowing temporary licensure for recent nursing graduates who have yet to take the NCLEX. However, nurses across Ohio are being furloughed or laid off because of the elimination of elective surgeries and because of low-census. So while bedside nurses are overwhelmed with patients, we also have nurses who are being told they are not needed. Ohio needs hospitals to first look at re-deploying nurses from other specialty areas to help on the frontlines and in other areas prior to filling those staffing holes with recent graduates. Furthermore, we urge cross-training begin happening now in Ohio hospitals instead of furloughing and laying off nurses,” stated Deborah Arms, President of the Ohio Nurses Association.