Who we are & what we do for you.

ONA is about moving forward.  We move you forward in your profession and career by supplying the resources for you to be the up-to-date, modern and connected nurse of today.

We move all nurses forward through our advocacy work, as ONA is the only organization in Ohio that actively advocates for all the state’s nurses.  Without our work with Ohio General Assembly, Ohio Board of Nursing, employers and other healthcare organizations, there would not be many of the advances in nursing and healthcare in Ohio that there is today.

I joined the ONA because it is the top professional organization for nursing.  ONA gives me access to the best resources to make me a competent nurse and practice effective patient advocacy.  ONA means action, protection, advocacy, power and networking.

Sarah Strohminger

Join Now, Non-Union Member

Join Now, Union Member

Full rate dues range from about $38 – $52 a month depending on where you live.*

All new ONA members will get 50% off their first year of membership!

Are you retired? Retired members enjoy a 75% discount off of the full dues rate any time.

*Dues are non-refundable

Need help with online join? Contact us at (614) 969-3800 or email support@ohnurses.org 

Mulitple Memberships in 1

Joining ONA also includes membership in a district nursing association based on geographic areas of the state and connecting you to the local level. Union members also are members our national union affiliate, AFT.

Why Join?

  1. The real-time nursing practice updates members receive allow them to be prepared for any changes affecting their job.
  2. The legislative updates give members an idea of what’s coming down the pike, and how they can advocate for/against an issue that affects them.
  3. ONA Connect allows members to engage with other nurses across the state, allowing an easy exchange of ideas, advice and experiences.
  4. ONA members have access to resources to help them get ahead in their career; everything from interview tips, attire and where to search for a job is outlined each year within the Ohio Nurses Review – the members-only online and print publication.
  5. In addition to the ONR, members also have access to hundreds of job postings from across the nation via the ONA Career Center – an RN-centric career site where members may also upload their resumes.
  6. The continuing education opportunities that go beyond typical nursing education, making ONA members the go-to, well-rounded nurse.  Our members know how to interact with their legislators, deal with a workplace bully, recognize a possible victim of human trafficking and much, much more.  Also included within membership is an independent study that satisfies the Category A, Law & Rules license requirement.

Discounts on Membership

New ONA members and retired nurses receive a special discount!

  • All brand new ONA members receive 50% off in their first year of membership.
  • Retired nurses receive 75% off for the duration of their membership.

I joined ONA in 1986 after hearing Kathleen Montgomery talk about the Association during a nursing course at Cleveland State. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to meet so many nurses in Ohio and across the US dedicated to improving our workplace, quality of care, and our environment.

I have had the honor of serving on ONA’s board, a number of ONA committees, ANA Congress of Nursing Practice & Economics, and ANCC Commission on Accreditation. All of these activities opened my eyes to the power nursing.

So many doors have opened for me because of being an active ONA member. I consider ONA my life insurance for my profession.” 

Susan Tullai-McGuinness


What We Do For Our Members

Advocate for you and your patients by:

  • Lobbying on both a state and federal level on issues important to nursing and health care
  • Representing nurses where it matters, including environmental groups, the Department of Labor, the Ohio Board of Nursing and others.

Guide the profession by:

  • Addressing workplace issues, such a workplace violence, safe patient handling, needlestick injuries and many more.
  • Authoring the Legal Regulations Guide – encompassing everything Ohio nurses need to know about practice in Ohio.
  • Collecting data, such as Ohio hospital’s safe staffing plans to provide data about the safe staffing law in Ohio.

How Our Members Make the Difference

ONA is a member-driven association, meaning all of our members play an important role in guiding the association and, in return, moving nursing forward.  Members can join councils and committees, or simply share important information with their peers.  No act is too little or too small.  Our members are part of the nursing movement, changing and shaping their profession today for the betterment of tomorrow.

Member Rewards & Benefits

Multiple memberships for one price means lots of rewards and benefits for our members.

Discounts and Privileges

  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Insurance programs

Access premier rates and loan consolidation via the 1st Loan Program through the Mutual Bank of Omaha

Professional Development Tools, including:

  • Continuing education, both in person and online, at a discounted member price
  • Discounts at nursebooks.org
  • Access to ONA’s Career Center
  • Free Publications, including:
    • Subscription to the Ohio Nurses Review
    • Email newsletters, such as Member Updates

Plus many more benefits through your district. ONA union members receive even more benefits with their AFT membership.

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