Ask Nurse Jesse: APRN Scope of Practice

website maker Anonymous Nurse: How do I know if a certain procedure is within my scope as a Certified Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Jesse: Here is an excerpt from an OBN FAQ document (links below) that may help you:

Q: How can an APRN determine whether they may include a specific procedure, task or activity in their practice?

A: It is important for each APRN to understand the limits of their authorized scope of practice, and to know the limits of their individual knowledge, skills and abilities. The Board does not maintain a list of procedures that a particular APRN may or may not perform. An APRN is authorized to practice within the respective APRN scope as set forth in Section 4723.43, ORC, the APRN’s nursing specialty as determined by their national certification, and standards of practice including those set forth in Chapter 4723-8, OAC, including for example, Rule 4723-8-02, OAC.

The Board adopted an APRN Decision Making Model to assist APRNs in determining whether a specific procedure, task or activity is consistent with standards of practice, appropriate to perform based on the individual APRN’s knowledge, skills, and ability and is appropriate based on the clinical setting. The Decision Making Model is available on the Board website under Practice Resources, APRN. Also, the regulations pertaining to SCAs in Chapter 4723-8, OAC, require that the SCA include a statement of services to be provided by the APRN and a plan for the incorporation of new technology in the APRN’s practice. Source:

APRN Decision Making Model:

APRN Practice Guidance:

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