Ashtabula City Councilors Disapprove of Permanently Closing the Labor and Delivery Unit at ACMC








Ashtabula County Medical Center Board of Trustees
2420 Lake Avenue
Ashtabula , OH 44004

To Whom It May Concern:

The Councilors of the City of Ashtabula met July 6 at our Regular Council Meeting and discussed our disappointment of your decision to permanently close the Labor and Delivery unit at ACMC . While we can certainly appreciate the difficulty of your choice, we respectfully disagree. We feel your service as the singular source for maternity facilities in Ashtabula County is vital to our community. Closing the Labor and Delivery unit sends a bleak message to young couples in Ashtabula. We strive to encourage them to stay here and raise families. Traveling perhaps one hour or more to the Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital poses major problems for many of our economically challenged community members and presents a threat to mothers facing high-risk pregnancies. We are no less concerned about how this impacts your staff members who dutifully care for expectant mothers, their babies, and families.

We are all getting calls of objection from the citizens of our City. We hope there is still time for you to reconsider the consequences of your unfortunate decision.


Sincerely ,

John S. Roskovics , Council President

Michael D. Speelman, Council Vice President

Kym A. Foglio , Ward 1 Councilor

Calvin C Crawford , Ward 2 Councilor

Laydean Young , Ward 3 Councilor

Octavia V. Harris, Ward 4 Councilor

Jane E. Haines, Ward 5 Councilor