The purposes of the Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) are to (1) work for the improvement of health care standards and the availability of health care services for all people; (2) foster high standards of nursing; and (3) stimulate and promote the professional development of registered nurses and advance their economic and general welfare.  These purposes are advanced in part through ONA’s Health Policy program, with that program’s activities guided by the Health Policy Platform.  These purposes shall be unrestricted by considerations of nationality, race, religion, creed, lifestyle, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation, health status, age and all protected classes.

ONA will advocate for improvement of health standards and the availability of health care services for all people that includes:

    • Basic human rights to equity under the law, as these rights are affected within the health care delivery system
    • State policies and programs that meet fundamental needs of individuals, families, and groups, particularly with respect to health care
    • Occupational, environmental and public health standards that eliminate/minimize hazards and protect the health and safety of all populations
    • Access to quality health care services
    • A stable source of funding to meet health care needs, including recognition and remuneration for services provided by registered nurses
    • Quality nursing care for all populations from health promotion to end of life


ONA will advocate for high standards of nursing that include:

    • Quality nursing education, evidence based practice, innovation, and nursing research
    • Delivery of nursing care by duly qualified providers as a means to protect the consumer as well as the integrity of the nursing profession
    • A Nurse Practice Act that accurately reflects nursing practice
    • Nurses practicing to the full extent of their education, competency and credentials
    • Expansion of nursing roles in health care reform initiatives
    • Protection of the RN scope of practice in order to ensure quality patient care


ONA will advocate for professional development of nurses and advancement of their economic and general welfare that includes:

    • Promotion of life-long learning for all nurses through formal advanced education, continuing education and other learning opportunities
    • Inclusion of nurses on boards, organizations, associations and commissions that affect policy
    • Protection of the economic and general welfare of nurses through safe staffing initiatives; safe patient handling; environmental safety; and fair wages
    • Legislation that requires financial transparency of healthcare providers in an effort to place patient care ahead of financial profit

The ONA Health Policy Council will use this platform, along with actions of the House of Delegates, to develop recommendations regarding ONA’s legislative priorities for each biennium. Other health policy initiatives may be considered as needed.

Approved by the ONA House of Delegates 2017; Revised by the Health Policy Council 2019

Confirmed by the House of Delegates 2019