Time for Re-Licensure!

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Jessica Dzubak, MSN, RN

It’s that time again! Registered Nurses in Ohio are due to renew their licenses this year. Now is the time to make sure you have your continuing education completed or to consider what professional development activities you would like to attend before October 31st.

What is Required?
Let’s talk a little bit about Category A. We in the CE department here at ONA get a lot of questions about what Category A actually is. There are different terms thrown out there, including ‘nursing law’ and ‘ethics’. So what “counts” for Category A?

Category A continuing education in Ohio is an activity in which the content focuses on varying aspects of our nursing law, 4723 Ohio Revised Code and/or Ohio Administrative Code. There is not one singular “nursing law” course or activity. In fact, these activities can vary greatly in theme or central topic. For example, here at ONA we offer several Category A activities, including:
Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse & Nursing Clinical Judgement
Nursing Process & Clinical Judgement
Social Media & Professional Boundaries
Continuing Education & Professional Development: Ohio Law and Rules
Speaking Up For Safety: The Nurse’s Role in Carrying Out Medication Orders
Ohio Nursing Law and Rule: Current Issues in Practice
Basics of Professional Boundaries and Sexual Misconduct for Nurses
Just to name a few! So as you can see, the topics themselves vary. But the main resource and what will be discussed throughout is how these issues relate back to 4723, our nursing law and the rules that guide our practice. I encourage you all to really think about what areas you would like to learn more about, and not just attend an activity because you are required to have “something on law.”

An additional note about Category A: these activities “must be approved by the board, an OBN approver, or offered by an OBN approved provider unit headquartered in the state of Ohio” (4723-14-01, OAC). Ohio Nurses Association is both an OBN approver and an OBN approved provider unit, making us eligible to offer these activities.

What You Need to Know:
RNs licenses must be renewed by October 31, 2019.
To avoid paying a late fee, renewal applications must be submitted online by September 15th, 2019.
Renewal period opens up July 1st, 2019.
Failure to renew your nursing license will result in a lapsed license.
Practicing without a valid, active license is illegal and will be subject to disciplinary action.
Proof of continuing education is not required with the original renewal application. This information is requested only if chosen for audit by the Board.
The Ohio Board of Nursing recently issued a notice that their primary communication for re-licensure will be via email, so please check that your addresses are current with the Board.
LPNs in Ohio do not renew this year. The LPN schedule is renewal on the even-numbered years.
24 contact hours are needed for RN licensure renewal, including at least 1 contact hour of Category A (nursing law and rules) education.

Continuing education is not required for the first renewal period following earning your nursing license after the NCLEX.
If you were practicing in another state and obtained an Ohio license by endorsement:
Licensed in Ohio one year or less = 12 contact hours of continuing education is required
Licensed in Ohio for more than one year = 24 contact hours of continuing education is required

Resources: 4723-7-09 (OAC), 4723-14-03 (OAC), www.nursing.ohio.gov

For continuing education activities, visit www.ohnurses.org, Click on Events or visit www.ce4nurses.org