The East Liverpool Nurses Strike Presses on for November 21


November 11, 2020

Contact: Molly Homan, Director of Communications, Ohio Nurses Association | 614-746-9914 |


The following statement is attributable is Bob Cousins, DEO of Labor Relations of the Ohio Nurses Association:

“The nurses and the hospital are still a long way off from an agreement because the hospital is continuing to refuse to address the problem at hand: poor nurse retention leads to poor nurse staffing which can lead to poor patient care. East Liverpool City Hospital is owned by California-based Prime Healthcare Foundation who claims to save hospitals, save jobs and save the community, yet Prime is letting the community of East Liverpool down. To value nurses mean to value safe patient care, and Prime’s actions have not indicated they value either. East Liverpool deserves better than an out-of-town organization calling the shots for our community hospital. Our nurses still plan to strike as a last resort because we are tired of Prime Healthcare Foundation thinking of profits rather than patients.”



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