State reps send support for Youngstown nurses

Ohio Representatives Boccieri, Lapore-Hagan and Holmes sent letters in support of members of the Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association (YGDNA) to the leaders of Northside Regional Medical Center and Steward Healthcare, the for-profit owner of Northside based in Boston.

The representatives wrote to the healthcare leaders to share their concerns regarding both the ongoing contract negotiations between Steward Healthcare and YGDNA – a local unit of ONA – and some general operating procedures at the Northside Regional Medical Center. Specifically, they remain concerned that during ongoing negotiations, the company may be rejecting inputs from the YGDNA and its members, abandoning the principle of joint governance which has long been in place at Northside.

The letters come after the representatives were made aware of the following operational changes, made over strenuous objections of the YGDNA, that threaten health outcomes for the Youngstown community:

•Eliminating the ability of outpatients to receive blood transfusions;
•Reducing pharmacy hours, which has caused delays in-patient, care;
•Altering the staff-to-patient ratio to levels that make it difficult to provide high quality care;
•Reducing auxiliary staff that provide crucial services to patients.

We thank the representatives for their support of Youngstown nurses and their advocacy for quality healthcare for the Youngstown community.

Read the letters here:

Joint letter for State Representatives Boccieri and Lapore-Hagan

Letter from State Representative Holmes to Steward Healthcare

Letter from State Representative Holmes to Northside Regional Medical Center