What else can you do?

Contact the ACMC Board of Trustees! Tell these leaders of ACMC that #MothersandBabiesMatter and we must #SaveACMCOB! 

Ashtabula County Medical Center Board of Trustees

Nancy Kister, Chairperson 

Craig Sernik – Chairperson-Elect 

Roger Corlett, Secretary/Treasurer 

Michael Habowski, President & CEO Michael.habowski@acmchealth.org, 440-997-6520 

Peg Carlo 

Joe Giangola 

Bill Dingledine 

Rev. Vernon Palo

Marlene Sartini 

David Pontius 

Jim Timonere – jim@cityofashtabula.com, 440-992-7103

Kelly Hancock, Cleveland Clinic Representative – 216-444-6734, hancock@ccf.org 

Jason Hergenroeder, Cleveland Clinic Representative 

Richard Parker, MD, Cleveland Clinic Representative – President of Hillcrest Hospital 440-312-2112, parkerr@ccf.org

Sathish Adigopula, MD, ACMC Chief of Staff, sathish.adigopula@acmchealth.org, 440-997-6980

Alexander Taich, MD, ACMC Vice-Chief of Staff Alexander.Taich@acmchealth.org


Have u ever heard the sound,

of a heartbeat in distress.

Stimulated a baby,

as it laid on its mother’s chest.

With every passing SECOND,

you plead to the lord above,

they’ll take their first breath,

and remain with the ones they’ll love.

Have you ever held the hand,

of a mother thrashing in pain.

Blood flowing like a river,

trying to keep her sane.

Have you ever calmed a husband,

as he held his lifeless wife.

TIME is of the essence,

as you transfuse to save her life.

Has your heart ever shattered,

from the silence of a Doppler.

Or, the pain curling screams,

as she holds her demise in a rocker.

TIME is so precious,

when it comes to life and death.


or it could lead to their last breath.

Stand up for what’s right,

our community needs your voice.

Some mothers live in poverty,

some mothers have no choice.

Let your cries echo,

every life deserves a century.

What if distance becomes the thief,

they’re worth more than a memory.

By: Sherry Braat

(ACMC Labor and Delivery RN)