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Recognizing excellent nurses and friends of nursing.

Cornelius Congress

The Cornelius Congress is a prestigious group of nurses and ONA staff who have demonstrated leadership skills akin to Dorothy Cornelius and who have contributed greatly to the association.  Induction into the Congress is the highest honor a nurse or staff member can receive within ONA.

Nominations for induction are received during ONA Convention years and those selected are announced during Convention.  A dinner is traditionally held close to Convention to officially induct those selected from the previous Convention year.

Nurses Choice Awards

Nurses Choice Awards are reserved for non-nurses who have proven to be friends of the profession. Three categories are available, including: individual; media and; organization.  The awards are given by the Ohio Nurses Foundation.  Winners are recognized at the annual Nurses Choice Luncheon, the Foundation’s main fundraiser.

Other Awards

  • Up to 12 other nursing awards are given during the ONA biennial Convention.  A complete list of awards, and their nomination procedures, can be found here.
  • Up to 5 awards are also given during the biennial RN Labor Institute.  These awards are reserved for local units and local unit members.  For information on these, please email Rachel Wolfe at [email protected].