A Peek at the Staffing Requirements in Ohio’s Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Law and rules pertaining to the operation of nursing homes in the state can be located in sections 3701 of the Ohio’s Revised and Administrative Codes.  Staffing requirements, including requirements for registered nurses are contained within 3701-17-08 OAC:  Personnel Requirements.

Conditions for the provision of nursing care by registered nurses to residents of nursing homes are limited, with most RNs assuming supervisory or administrative roles.  Each nursing home must employ a registered nurse to assume the role of director of nursing.  This RN is required to work at least five days per week, primarily in daylight hours, to oversee the provision of nursing care.  The name of the RN nursing director must be posted and accessible to all residents, family members, and staff.  Two co-directors may be hired to fulfill the requirements of this rule.

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