The following statement was released by OSUNO on September 1, 2020:

“The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center recently made the disappointing decision to forgo pay increases for those non-unionized staff who have worked tirelessly alongside us throughout the pandemic. Additionally, they have refused to even discuss hero bonuses for nurses that worked for months in COVID only units, often doing the work of 3-4 employees. We are bringing this issue to the forefront because even though our union contract with the hospital guarantees our annual raises, our colleagues unfortunately do not have this safety net, nor do they have a union platform to speak out on this unfair decision after selflessly putting their lives on the line as we, supposedly “together as buckeyes,” navigated these unprecedented times.

The decision from the Medical Center comes on the heels of OhioHealth announcing a 2% across the board increase and bonuses for all staff as a thank you for working through the pandemic, and after the Medical Center announced a multi-billion dollar tower addition, other costly expansions and six figure bonuses for administrators. To say this is a disheartening decision for those who work at the Medical Center is an understatement.

The Medical Center reminds us in every corner of the hospital that we are a team. This decision makes it apparent that some team members, such as the president with his $135,000 bonus, are the priority, while those on the frontline are asked to sacrifice. We ask the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center to do better and provide the pay increases our colleagues deserve and the hero bonuses we’ve all earned.”