ONA Warns Hospital They Would Be Wise to Rethink Employee’s Termination

Alyssa Miller RN, was employed by the Salem Regional Medical Center for nearly 10 years. She loved her job and had planned to work her entire career at the hospital when the she was terminated without just cause in January 2018. ONA immediately filed a grievance on her behalf.

Bob Cousins, DEO of Labor Relations, of the and rehire Alyssa. Bob told them that the hospital did not have just cause to support termination and if arbitrated, the arbitrator would rule in ONA’s favor and the hospital would be required to return Alyssa to her former position, with full back pay and benefits. The Employer would also be responsible for all of their legal expenses as well. The hospital didn’t heed his warning and so we proceeded with the grievance procedure which ended in arbitration.

On April 27, 2019, we received the arbitrator’s decision:
Arbitrator Klein wrote in his decision, “The grievance is sustained as follows. The hospital shall reinstate the grievant to her former position with full back pay and benefits restored with an offset for any outside earnings by the grievant from the date of her discharge until reinstated. The hospital shall remove reference to this discipline from the grievant’s file and otherwise make her whole. The arbitrator shall retain jurisdiction to enforce the terms of this award for a period of forty-five (45) days from the date of issuance”.

Alyssa is waiving her right to return to Salem Regional Medical Center, so instead, ONA worked to determine her “make whole award”, calculating all of her lost wages, differentials, holiday pay, retirement contributions, and so forth. After taking into account what she earned in her new position, the amount the hospital will be paying her is: $43, 047.80!

Although the payout from Salem Regional Medical Center will never make up for the stress and anguish the hospital afflicted upon Alyssa, we are glad she has been vindicated! Congratulations, Alyssa!