ONA Union Nurses Take Their Skills to the Next Level at the RN Labor Institute

On September 12th and 13th, ONA Collective Bargaining members met at Geneva on the Lake to discuss ways to stay engaged with their members and strengthen union outreach across their local units. ONA members listened to presentations from ONA staff members on the legal rights on union stewards and grievance handling. The highlight of the first evening was a keynote speech from AFT President Randi Weingarten on the important role unions play in ensuring safety and democracy in the workplace. The first evening ended with an awards ceremony honoring the outstanding contributions from ONA members across Ohio.

On the second day, ONA members broke off into groups to discuss strategies for further engaging their members in union activities. ONA members also discussed best practice strategies for maintaining member engagement for future contract campaigns. In the afternoon, Dennis Willard of “We Are Ohio” spoke with members on the best ways to combat “Right to Work Is Wrong” legislation in Ohio and to ensure that ONA members remain united in solidarity against any attempt to destroy collective bargaining in Ohio.

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