ONA Position on Marijuana in Ohio

ONA Position on Marijuana in Ohio
Developed: 2016
Approved by ONA BOD: 3/2016
Reaffirmed by ONA BOD: 6/2020

The Ohio Nurses Association recognizes that the use of medicinal marijuana is beneficial
in certain patient treatment scenarios. Our organization promotes best practices
supported through ongoing research, and promotes access to evidence based therapies
including those for patient conditions in which the use of medical marijuana has been
proven beneficial.

ONA believes responsible legislation must allow access for medicinal marijuana only if
evidence supports that marijuana produces beneficial results for patients with
diagnosed medical conditions, and must include considerations that responsibly protect
the public from harmful consequences. Legislation should include a process for
monitoring of the drug, include provisions ensuring consistency in the manufactured
product, and have a component to regulate access through a monitored prescriptive

Finally, ONA calls for the sale, delivery and marketing of marijuana to be responsible
economically and that consideration is given to any unintended consequences on our
entire population. Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations must be respected
and protected to avoid limiting the economic benefits to a select group of individual