Ohio Nurses Association 2018 General Election Contributions

The Ohio Nurses Association (ONA), through its Political Contributing Entity (PCE or PAC) recently provided financial contributions to the campaigns of 84 candidates seeking election to the Ohio House of Representatives or Ohio Senate.   The contributions were intentionally bipartisan going to members of both political parties based on the candidates’ support for and understanding of issues important to nurses and the nursing profession.

“In this day of extreme polarization, it was important to emphasize that the decisions coming from ONA’s PCE were not based solely on a candidate’s party affiliation; but instead were more about policy concerns than politics”, noted Brian Burger, ONA president.

Nurses appointed to the Health Policy Council by the ONA Board of Directors were the decision-makers.  Those nurses brought their policy expertise and experience to the decision-making process.  Multiple factors went into those decisions- and when the checks were distributed, many were given out by nurse constituents of the candidates, thus providing another opportunity to share ONA’s message with the recipients.

Following is the list of candidates seeking election to the Ohio General Assembly in the upcoming general election that received financial support through ONA’s PCE:


Ohio Senate Candidates:

SD 1 Robert McColley
SD 2 Randy  Gardner
SD 5 Paul Bradley
SD 6 Peggy Lehner
SD 7 Steve Wilson
SD 9 Cecil Thomas
SD 10 Bob Hackett
SD 11 Teresa Fedor
SD 12 Matt Huffman
SD 14 Joe Uecker
SD 15 Hearcel Craig
SD 16 Stephanie Kunze
SD 17 Bob Peterson
SD 18 John Eklund
SD 19 Andrew Brenner
SD 21 Sandra Williams
SD 22 Larry Obhof
SD 23 Nickie Antonio
SD 24 Matt Dolan
SD 25 Sen Yuko
SD 26 David Burke
SD 28 Vernon Sykes
SD 29 Scott Oelslager
SD 30 Frank Hoagland
SD 31 Jay Hottinger
SD 32 Sean O’Brien
SD 33 John Boccieri


Ohio House Candidates:

HD 1 Scott Wiggam
HD 2 Mark Romanchuk
HD 3 Theresa Gavarone
HD 4 Rep Cupp
HD 5 Tim Ginter
HD 7 Tom Patton
HD 9 Janine Boyd
HD 10 Terrence UpChurch
HD 11 Stepanie Howse
HD 12 Juanta Brent
HD 14 Bride Rose Sweeney
HD 17 Rep Adam Miller
HD 18 Rep Kristin Boggs
HD 20 Richard Brown
HD 21 Beth Liston
HD 22 David Leland
HD 23 Laura Lanese
HD 25 Rep Kent
HD 26 Erica Crawley
HD 29 Louis Blessing III
HD 31 Brigid Kelly
HD 33 Sedrick Denson
HD 34 Emilia Sykes
HD 39 Fred Strahorn
HD 44 Paula Hicks
HD 45 Lisa Sobecki
HD 46 Michael Sheehy
HD 48 Lorraine Wilburn
HD 49 Rep West
HD 51 Sara Carruthers
HD 52 George Lang
HD 56 Joe Miller
HD 57 Dick Stein
HD 58 Michelle Lepore-Hagan
HD 60 John Rogers
HD 62 Scott Lipps
HD 63 Glenn Holmes
HD 66 Doug Green
HD 68 Rick Carfagna
HD 70 Darrell Kick
HD 71 Scott Ryan
HD 72 Larry Householder
HD 79 Kyle Koehler
HD 80 Jena Powell
HD 83 Jon Cross
HD 84 Susan Manchester
HD 86 Tracy Richardson
HD 87 Jeff McClain
HD 88 Bill Reineke
HD 89 Steve Arndt
HD 91 Shane Wilkin
HD 92 Gary  Scherer
HD 93 Ryan Smith
HD 94 Jay Edwards
HD 95 Don Jones
HD 96 Jack Cera
HD 99 John Patterson


Have you checked out ONA’s Voter Toolkit? The easy-to-use toolkit helps you get to know candidates running in your area. Check it out here >>