Nurses’ Strike Still On After Disappointing Day of Bargaining

East Liverpool City Hospital continuing to ignore nurse staffing, patient care concerns

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio – After the final scheduled day of bargaining, the nurses, represented by the Ohio Nurses Association, have not yet reached an agreement with the East Liverpool City Hospital/Prime Healthcare Foundation.

On Tuesday, the nurses bargained for more than sixteen hours in an effort to come to fair agreement that would address ongoing problems of nurse retention at the hospital. Believing that a deal could be reached, ONA offered to suspend the strike notice and proposed a short contract extension in order to come to agreement. Sadly, the hospital’s management team refused. The employer also refused to continue negotiating in the remaining days before the scheduled start of the strike on November 21. ONA remains ready and available to come to the bargaining table at any time, and believes an agreement could still be reached.

In the absence of an agreement, the nurses’ strike will continue as scheduled, beginning November 21st at 7:00am.

“After months at the negotiating table, I’m disappointed that we have not been able to reach an agreement that adequately addresses the grave concerns of members: poor nurse retention, poor nurse staffing and therefore the increased probability of poor patient care. Our community and patients are our utmost priority. We are disappointed that the hospital administration has not been a good faith bargaining partner and instead is forcing us take the drastic measure of a strike. We don’t want to strike, but the hospital must take our concerns seriously if we are to secure a better future for the people we care for,” stated Lori Bruce, president of the nurses’ unit. “Poor nurse retention and uncompetitive pay has been an ongoing issue that has only been magnified since the pandemic. It is disheartening that our community hospital, and the Prime Healthcare Foundation who prides itself on saving hospitals, jobs and communities, continues to allow their bottom line dictate what’s best for patient care, especially when that bottom line can afford an investment in nurse staffing. After months of bargaining, our hope is that the hospital will finally come to their senses and bargain a contract that is the best solution for our community, patients and nurses.”

The 130-person nurses’ unit is operating on a contract extension that expires November 20that 11:59pm. This is the second contract extension, with previous expiration dates in June and mid-October.


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