Ask Nurse Jesse: Preceptor Qualifications

Anonymous Nurse: I heard there might be a new rule regarding preceptor qualifications. Is this true?

Nurse Jesse:

Yes! The rule on preceptor qualifications, 4723-5-10 5(b) of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), had proposed change during the rule-review this year. There was a Public Hearing held at the Ohio Board of Nursing on Wednesday November 20th, where several people testified in overwhelming support of the proposed rule change for preceptor qualifications. The proposed rule change removes the 2-year experience requirement for preceptors, making more nurses eligible to serve as preceptors.

This rule change is subject to review by JCARR, the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, and if approved will be officially filed. The earliest effective date for this change would not be until February 1, 2020.


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