Nurse staffing is at a crisis.

With over 40% of nurses thinking of leaving the profession, the Time Is Now to effect meaningful, systemic changes.

Nurses Day at the Statehouse is changing in 2022 to a week-long series of actions and education that allow all nurses to virtually make an impact.

What to Expect:

  • Monday: Sign on to our letter to Governor DeWine, asking for short- and long-term solutions to address the nurse staffing crisis.
  • Tuesday: UPDATE:  Hearing has been changed to 3:00 instead of 2:00 Join the Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee live hearing today at 3:00 pm to hear ONA President, Robert Weitzel testify on HB 466. Register for the CE package. This package explains the legislative process, as well as providing valuable information on the history and current status of nursing staffing, workplace violence and hospital licensure laws in Ohio.
  • Wednesday: A first of its kind display will be set up at the Ohio Statehouse featuring voices of nurses from across Ohio. Check in on our social media channels for updates!
  • Thursday: Tune into the legislator panel as Ohio lawmakers discuss issues that are important to nurses: capping nurse pay, nurse-to-patient ratios and more. 
  • Friday: Join us as we speak with the organizer of the Ohio Nurse Demonstration event on May 12th. 

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