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Keep Kindness in Mind

By: Jessica Dzubak MSN, RN The Year of the Nurse has been an emotionally draining, physically exhausting, and socially challenging one thus far. There is no doubt that nurses have willingly stepped up to the plate and served their patients and communities in unimaginable circumstances. What was supposed to be a year of celebration has …

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Documentation 101: What Every Nurse Needs To Know To Help Avoid Liability Risks

by: Georgia Reiner Senior Risk Specialist for Nurses Service Organization (NSO) in the Healthcare Division of Aon’s Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. Documentation is a tool for the planning and provision of patient care, communication among providers, and demonstration of compliance with federal, state, third-party payer and other regulations. Documentation provides a picture of the patient’s …

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Unbelievable Heroism

by Brittany Turner, MSN, RN The country, rather the world, is experiencing something unlike anything we have encountered during most of our lifetimes. ‘Pandemic, illness, precautions, PPE, emergency, virus, mortality, shortages, isolation, distancing’ — all of these are words floating in seemingly every news article and communication that comes flooding across our social media, emails, …

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