Carol Smith – September’s Featured Member

Carol Smith RN, MSN lives and works in Youngstown, but is originally from Detroit. Carol states that her nursing journey has been lifelong: she began as a practical nurse, moved on to complete her nursing diploma followed by her BSN, and finally her MSN with a focus on nursing education.

When asked of a certain time or situation that confirmed her decision to become a nurse, Carol answered:

“For a short time in my career, I questioned my decision to become a nurse.  There are more “glamorous”  occupations around.   At the time I saw strength and weakness in only knowing how to “take care of others.”  I began to examine just what that meant to me.  I found answers that yes, I made the right decision.

I had a patient who was in an auto accident that left her two children and dog dead and husband paralyzed.  Time spent with this patient meant hours of care physically and psychologically.  After she was healed enough to complete the travel home to New York, I received a phone call from her mother. She called to share details of the return trip, adjusting to a new life and details of the funeral services for the children.  I realized a closure.  I recognized that a bond had truly formed.   I was able to provide a small comfort to a grieving mother in a horrendous situation.   I knew without a doubt I was in the right profession, doing my life’s work.”