Ask Nurse Jesse: Nursing Programs

Anonymous Nurse: “I have an Associate’s degree in nursing and want to go back to school. Are there any RN-MSN bridge programs that are affordable for working nurses?”

Nurse Jesse: While ONA does not endorse any specific schools, there are a couple things I would encourage you to consider when looking for a program:
• Is it accredited? This information is typically located on their website but you can also ask the admissions office.
• Ask about their graduation/completion rates, as well as what resources are available for students while in the program.
• Consider your learning style. Some online programs are at a set pace, some are flexible where you move through the program as fast as you want. Some are asynchronous, some aren’t.
• Check with your employer to see if they have a relationship with any schools for a discount.
• There are bridge RN-BSN-MSN programs – you just have to find the one that fits your lifestyle and goals. Typically public, state schools are more affordable than private ones. But it depends also on your financial aid package, income, etc.
• If you work at a public or non-profit organization and have federal student loans, there are some potential loan forgiveness programs.