Rebecca J. Wilson, MSN RN-BC – December’s Featured Member

ONA is proud to call Rebecca Wilson  – another March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Winner – an ONA member.

Rebecca lives in Cincinnati and works at 3 different facilities: Good Samaritan Hospital on the Geriatric Psych Unit; the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in the Solid Organ Transplant Unit; and most recently at St. Elizabeth Healthcare System as a system-wide float pool nurse.

Rebecca gives this advice to new nurses entering the profession:

To try new things. I know it sounds cliche, but what I love most about nursing is the variety of pathways available to those with the same degree. It amazes me that we all learn the same set of skills and are able to do such an array of occupations with them. I would encourage them not to quit. The first few years of nursing are hard, no matter what specialty or facility you are in. Stick it out, find a mentor, and strive to continue learning. Building upon your nursing foundation helps you determine your strengths and what you truly love. Finding that passion, that niche in medicine that inspires you, is what motivates you to come into work even on the worst of days. Our curiosity and passion for humanity is what originally brought us into the nursing field, I think we should all spend some time cultivating that.”

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