OSU Wexner Medical Center Nurses Hopeful for Safe Staffing Amidst Grievance Response

Medical Center Recognizes Staffing Levels Must Reflect Patient Needs


COLUMBUS – The Ohio State University Nurses Organization, a local unit of the Ohio Nurses Association, is hopeful the medical center remedies recent nursing staffing cuts that have the potential of compromising patient care.

OSUNO nurses filed a grievance over the staffing cuts and met with administration on September 13, 2017 to discuss their concerns. The medical center administration affirmed the grievance on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, stating they recognize the problem outlined within the filing as a change in working conditions.

The response did not include a plan of action, though the nurses on the affected unit meet with a member of management on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Earlier this year, nurse staffing was cut in 8PCU – a step-down ICU unit that cares for highly sick patients. The cut was made shortly after the medical center proudly announced record breaking profits leaving nurses and the community wondering why staffing would be cut in the first place.

“We used our collective bargaining platform to address these issues and share our concerns with management. We’re hopeful that medical center recognizes the importance of safe nurse staffing because in reality, we all win when nurses are able to perform at their best: Patients receive the best quality care, nurses are able to provide safe quality care and the hospital maintains a reputation of being a well-respected hospital that emphasizes quality care,” stated Jessica Frymyer, president of OSUNO.

“Though we are hopeful for a remedy, OSUNO will not let this issue rest until our nurses feel like they are able to provide the safe care our patients deserve. We will continue to bring concerns forward and will monitor the progress of this issue. We, as trusted healthcare professionals, know that safe staffing means safe patients,” continued Frymyer.

Numerous research has pointed to the relationship between safe nurse staffing and quality patient care. Medical errors, falls, infection rates and patient morbidity have all been found to increase when nurses are staffed unsafely, which includes short staffing and using mandatory overtime to fill staffing gaps.

The Ohio Nurses Association is currently pursuing legislation that would make Ohio the 19th state to outlaw the dangerous practice of forcing nurses to work overtime.



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