November’s Featured Member: Sara Frazee, MSN RN CNN CDN CN4

Sara Frazee lives in Cincinnati and works at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Keeping with the Cincinnati theme, Sara graduated nursing school from the University of Cincinnati in 1985.

Sara, who was a 2017 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award Winner, gives this advice for new nurses entering the profession:

“My advice to new nurses entering the profession is to be passionate about what you do, engaged in your work, obtain an advanced level of education, and create an overall plan for career advancement.

Being passionate about what one does is crucial to patient outcomes and nurse satisfaction. This may include developing core workplace skills, such as phenomenal critical thinking, exceptional communication skills, and being a strong team player and leader.

Engagement in work means to be committed to and satisfied with one’s job. A high level of nursing engagement has a strong correlation with unparalleled patient outcomes, increased productivity, and an extraordinary level of nurse satisfaction and retention. It also supports advocacy for the patient and family, colleagues and one’s self, organizations, and for the nursing profession.

An advanced level of education, as part of a lifelong commitment to learning and improvement, typically leads to increased skills, improved career opportunities, and optimal nursing satisfaction.

Finally, plan a career and not just a job by developing a strategic vision. This might involve establishing a strong relationship with a supportive mentor, forming a positive network with colleagues, volunteering, and seeking opportunities for skill improvement and advancement.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities for nurses to have a rewarding and enriching career. My advice is take advantage of these opportunities to benefit others and yourself.”