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Changing Policy Using Data

by Katherine Kany, BS, RN Chances are you, like most of us, have more anecdotal stories about near-misses, “thank God” recollections, and horrifying examples of what goes wrong when staffing is insufficient; when mandatory overtime has been imposed; or staff are left under-resourced for their work. And, it’s also likely that despite the fact you …

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How Low Staffing Levels Intensify Risk Stressors for Nurses

By David Griffiths, Nurses Services Organization – a benefit partner of the Ohio Nurses Association There’s no denying the strong correlation between nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes. Expected nursing shortages in communities across the country are poised to diminish the number of essential healthcare staff available to serve patients. And that creates stress on …

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A Peek at the Staffing Requirements in Ohio’s Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Law and rules pertaining to the operation of nursing homes in the state can be located in sections 3701 of the Ohio’s Revised and Administrative Codes.  Staffing requirements, including requirements for registered nurses are contained within 3701-17-08 OAC:  Personnel Requirements. Conditions for the provision of nursing care by registered nurses to residents of nursing homes …

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