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Empowering Nurses to Speak Up

by Lori Chovanak, MN, RN, APRN-BC, CEO of the Ohio Nurses Association A Gallup study conducted in December of 2016 reaffirmed that nurses are the most trusted profession, with 84% of Americans rating nurses as very high/high in terms of honesty and ethics. This demonstrates the fact that many patients invest a lot of trust …

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Changing Policy Using Data

by Katherine Kany, BS, RN Chances are you, like most of us, have more anecdotal stories about near-misses, “thank God” recollections, and horrifying examples of what goes wrong when staffing is insufficient; when mandatory overtime has been imposed; or staff are left under-resourced for their work. And, it’s also likely that despite the fact you …

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Top 5 Patient Safety Concerns

by Jessica Dzubak, RN In honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week, let’s bring attention to the top five patient safety concerns for nurses. 1. Medication Errors The FDA estimates that approximately one person dies every day from a medication error, and approximately 1.3 million people are harmed by these errors annually. Ask any nurse, and …

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